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December 09, 2006



So what kind of factory was it? Anything to do with birch or wood?


I love that tree, and have been taking special drives past to check on it for a few years, since I first noticed it. What a disappointment to hear it is no more....


'ghetto palms,' we call them in Farmington

C. Neal

It's good to find another blog about Portland. In defense of Ailanthus Altissima:
Without the T of H, there would be precious little shade or bird habitat in a lot of NYC and Philly neighborhoods. Often it's the only tree strong enough to break through and aerate compacted soils on urban empty lots, and that makes way for other plants to grow after it. And in undisturbed forests, it gets crowded out by native tree species.
Ailanthus, rah rah rah:

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